September 16, 2014

Apple Themed Fun and learning from Mom's Library

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There's Just One Mommy used Apples as Stamps!

There's Just One Mommy also went Apple Tasting!

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Gift of Curiosity is learning about Circumference with Apples!

JDaniel4's Mom is practicing Spelling with Apple Cups!

Adventures with Jude learned about Johnny Appleseed and made an adorable Hat!

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September 14, 2014

DIY Super Hero Bedroom

When we moved my little man insisted on having a Batman room. We found a great Batman canvas on clearance, but the other little details of the room were all do-it-yourself.

To start with we painted the walls a lighter shade of Batman blue; then I turned my attention to his little race car bed. I decided. I could easily re-do the bed to make a Batmobile!  I wrapped the wheels in plastic bags and spray painted the rest of the bed with glossy, black spray paint made for plastic.

Once it was painted and put back together, I adhered a cute little bat signal vinyl decal purchased from Vinyl Designs by CJ (great to work with), and ta-da, Batmobile!

The second project  I took on in his room was a cityscape complete with his hot wheels wall tracks. To make the city scape we started by taping off buildings with painters tape. We could have completely drawn it and used a straight edge to make it exact, but we felt we could get close enough eyeballing it. 

Then we painted the buildings black (I got a quart of paint for the black). After two coats, I went through and painted some windows in yellow (a little sample jar of paint was the perfect amount). I intended on using a stencil for the windows, but ended up fee handing them. I just randomly chose places for windows trying to make them different between the adjoining buildings. Once it was dry my husband got to create the car tracks.  One of these days I plan to add a Batsignal above the city as well.

The third project I did for his super hero room was to personalize his name with comic book scenes and characters. I started with wood letters and painted the edges black. Then I went through random comic books (picked up a bunch on ebay for cheap) picking out various pictures to mod podge over the top. I put on a layer of mod podge, added the pictures, and finished with 2 more coats of mod podge (allowing it to dry between coats). Once it was dry I added some cute ribbon to hang them from.

Nothing too expensive or difficult this room, but he loves his super hero themed room!

September 11, 2014

Sun Print Painting

This was as much a science project as an art project! I wanted to show the girls how sun screen works as well as experiment with sun prints.

I started by having the kids paint pictures on construction paper with sun screen. The only requirement I gave them was that they could not fill the entire page since then there would be nothing to see!

Next we laid them out in the sun. Thanks to the wind we got to experiment with classic sun printing; basically we had to block some of the paper with things to weigh them down!

After letting the dry in the sun a few hours this is what we got. You can see the sun screen kept the area under it darker, but the actually color still faded. The areas where we completely blocked the sun with objects stayed their same bright color! Obviously cover is a better option then sun screen, but sun screen is still better then nothing!

Of course now I want to try different types of sunscreen to see if any work better then the others!

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