February 26, 2015

X is for X-Ray Technician: Learning about Bones

Our Community Helper for the letter X is X-Ray Technician. Since X-rays are used to examine bones, we started by exploring some of the functions of the skeletal system.

First we explored bones with play dough. Out of each color of play dough I made two similar cylinders of play dough one with a plastic bone inside and one without.

Then I asked all the kids to try to squish them! What do you think happened?

The results showed that although there was some damage to the cylinder with the bone in it, it did maintain some shape. The piece of play dough without the bone just squished into a ball. So we learned one function of our skeleton is to support the rest of our body so we aren't just blobs of tissue. We also talked about how they protect major organs like the ribs protecting our heart and lungs and our skull protecting our brain.

We also talked about the fact that our skeleton gives us a basic shape, and to show this I set out some plastic dinosaurs along with some plastic dinosaur skeletons. Then I had the kids match them up.

While I didn't have a specific activity to go with the other functions, but we did look at the bones and talk about how muscles attached to bones to allow our bodies to move. I also mentioned to them how bone marrow is where blood cells are made

Of course we couldn't talk about X-Ray Technicians without actually looking at some X-Rays! I borrowed the ones we use for teaching from the clinic for this although I know there are some generic ones you can purchase like these. The girls were amazed to see how many bones actually made up a hand! We also looked at a variety of different animals as well as some broken bones!

After looking at the x-rays, they happily went back to exploring the bones and skeletons with the play dough making imprints or just wrapping the bones back up and re-squishing them!

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February 24, 2015

Play Dough Ideas from Mom's Library

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February 22, 2015

Poppin's Book Nook - Poetry - All the World

The Poppin's Book Nook theme for February is Poetry! There is a lot of great books of poetry out there for kids, but I wanted to find one poem that we could actual do something with rather then an entire book. We happened upon All the World at the library one day, and I loved the illustrations. Imagine how happy I was when it turned out to be a poem as well! 

The basis of the poem is that the world is made up of everything and everyone, including (or even especially) those every day things we do that don't seem like any big deal at the time! It really is a gorgeous book!

To go along with this simple poem, I printed out some simple outlines of the world and had the kids put things that described them or were important to them on the world. We used various colors of green and blue markers to add some interest too. Of course I had to spell lots of words for them as well as fill out Eli's, but they came up with lots of ideas. And as you would expect, there were things similar in all their worlds, and there were things that were different in all their worlds. 

And now I also have a little glimpse into their world that I can hold onto for when they are older! It will be interesting to see how it changes!

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