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 Welcome to this month's edition of Poppin's Book Nook! Our theme for the month of May was Folktales. Doesn't seem too hard until you start to second guess everything you ever thought about Folktales! That's when you start searching the internet for the exact difference between folktales and fairy tales not to mention fables, tall tales, and legends! Here is the basic breakdown in my mind:

Fairy tales: contain magic and royalty (pretty sure they must contain royalty), definitely make believe, teaches a lesson

Folktales: are exaggerated, teach a lesson, have been passed down through generations through story telling

Fables: usually contain talking animals, but they lack story development and are fairly short, used to teach morals

Tall Tales: contains unrealistic elements, but is told as if it is true

Legends: based on a historical figure and aspects of their life, but are usually exaggerated and not autenticated

That being said you still usually find them all lumped together in the same section of the library, bookstore, or amazon. The folk tale I chose is Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola.

If you are unfamiliar with this story it is about an old witch, Strega Nona, and her magical pasta pot which cooks pasta on command. She hires help to care for all the everyday things that she has trouble keeping up with, but her help, Big Anthony, doesn't listen when he is told not to touch the pasta pot, and almost covers the town in pasta while she is away one day! According to the author this is actually a retelling of a much older folktale of a porridge pot! To read more of Strega Nona's history click here!

My kids really enjoyed this story; honestly, I think all kids enjoy this story! To go along with the book I set up our own magical pasta pot complete with cooked spaghetti for the kids to play with. In the book Big Anthony didn't pay attention, and because of it didn't realize that you had to blow 3 kisses to the pot to stop it from cooking more pasta....therefore he had a town covered in pasta. So in our pasta I hid little pink pony beads (kisses), 3 for each kid. Then we had a contest to see who could find their kisses and stop the pot first, but there was a catch to it. I wanted them to find them with their eyes closed! 

At first they seemed doubtful, but played along, and after a few minutes of digging through cooked pasta they were giggling and having a great time!

Even after the beads had been found they continued squishing the spaghetti around and picking it up only to let it fall back to the pot or the ground.

In the end we really ended up with what looked like a pasta pot explosion!

Luckily we got to use a broom to clean up our mess rather then a fork like Big Anthony! 

There are so many great Folktales out there; make sure you explore more of them with the free lapbook from  Enchanted Homeschooling Mom!


Poppins Book Nook Giveaway! Every month thePoppins Book Nook group will be offering readers a chance to win a brand new storybook or product that ties in with our theme for the month. This month one lucky entrant will win a copy of the E.H.M. curriculum Journey into the World of Folktales (PDF) and one copy of the book that is required to teach it called Around the World in 80 Tales by Saviour Pirotta to further their learning all about folktales.

Entrants must be 18 years or older and reside in a country that receives U.S. Postal mail. This giveaway is brought to you by the company Enchanted Homeschooling Mom who is owner and founder of the Poppins Book Nook. By entering this giveaway you are also acknowledging that you have read and agree to all of the Rafflecopter terms & conditions as well as Enchanted Homeschooling Mom's disclosures.  Just enter the Rafflecopter below to win:

All the Poppin's Book Nook hosts have great folktales to share with you, so be sure to stop by and say hi to them all!

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Have you had any folktale related fun? Link it up below!

Then join us again at the end of June as we head into The Great Outdoors!

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