March 20, 2014

Moving Break

Ahhhh....the joys of moving.  I'm sure many of you can relate that while it is super exciting to get a new home, it is also super chaotic and super exhausting!

Part of this is our own fault as we decided to repaint all the rooms, change the dining room floor, and make some changes in two bathrooms while moving! Probably not our brightest move, but I do think it will be the most efficient (and probably the most stressful) way to do it. We have been hard at work for a week now, and we are making progress despite some set backs. Here are a few pictures (I'll spare you the pictures with giant piles of boxes; use your imagination).

Super excited about the new house, but not the paint color! I prefer more color!

Playing under the drop cloth. When the heater came on the vents created big bubbles. Fun for kids; not for painters.

Special project for the Batman room.

Ripping up carpet in the dining room. Obviously installed by someone without kids!

 New floor mostly finished and walls painted; bring in the table!

Working on putting things away. Not sure the toddler belongs there.
So as a result of all these changes, I am going to take a week off of blogging.  I will return at the end of next week with my regular posts barring some unforeseen disaster! If I have a chance I will try to share some of the other wonderful posts from around the blogging world on social media, but honestly I will likely be on Pinterest most (I may have a slight obsession). Thanks so much for reading and understanding, and I will see you all in a week!


  1. Your new house looks like a great space! Have fun decorating and good luck with the move!

  2. Batman! I wanted to do a super hero room for my boys.

  3. Love the walls in the Batman room!
    I hope you have a good move!!


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