September 27, 2012

Melted Crayon Leaves and Apples

Yet another idea I saw somewhere on Pinterest and have been wanting to try.  What I saw was kids coloring on  a candle warmer, but I thought my griddle turned down real low would be even better!  So we set out to make some apples (to follow our apple picking adventure).  I started by having Bria pick out red, orange, yellow, and green crayons.  Then I also had her remove the papers (she has always been good at this).

The lowest setting my griddle has is 150 degrees, so I turned it to that for a few seconds and then turned it off.  It really doesn't have to be too hot to melt crayons.  I places a sheet of waxed paper on the griddle and let the girls draw.

I think they ended up going through 6 or 7 sheets before they lost interest in the griddle.

Then I started cutting apple shapes out of the crayon covered waxed paper. The girls also wanted leaves, so we added some of them.  They tried, but had a hard time getting shapes they liked.

We ended up with a good variety, and the girls decided they should go in their bedroom windows.  Theya re all set for fall!

A quick clean up tip! Clean your griddle while it is still warm, and the crayons are still melty.  I just used a paper towel to collect any wax I could see on the griddle, followed by a wet cloth.  Then clean however you normally would.

DIY Foam Wall Decorations

When decorating Eli's nursery, I was looking for something to put over his crib that fit my robot theme.  I was really hoping to find some gears. I did find some vinyl ones on ebay, but they were pricey and pretty limited in size and color.  So I decided to make my own out of fun foam!  Here is Eli's room before he was born.

The robots are re-positional stickers I found on amazon.

And the gears are fun foam wall stickers I made.
Now, we have had to add a pet net in the far corner above the lamp, so we can control the over abundance of stuffed animals that we have. While putting it up, Nathan knocked down one of the gears. No problem, with the way it was adhered it was easy to repair.  Of course I had to find a new place for it because of the pet net.  I decided to place it on another small wall with nothing on it just out of Eli's reach.  Luckily if Eli does get a hold of it, it is very light weight!

If you want to make your own fun foam wall decorations you have to first start by cutting out your shape.  I used a flash light with a picture of a gear taped to it as a projector to trace my gears on my fun foam.  Of course you can use a real projector or free hand it.  Then cut it out.

My shape (you can see the marks where I drew it, so this is the back).

Lay down newspaper or trash bags and spray the back of your shape with spray adhesive.  I used Elmer's brand, but I would guess most spray adhesives have a temporary bond option.  That is what you want to use.  For the Elmer's brand you let it sit for 3-5 minutes before applying it if you wanted a temporary bond.

Adhere to your surface by firmly pressing all over the shape.

My little gear in its new place.
If you want to remove it simple lift up a corner and pull. It comes off cleanly.  I did practice in the girls closet a couple times to make sure I was letting it sit long enough before adhering it because if it doesn't sit, it doesn't come off well!

So here is the new room; not much has changed. Bria did inform me that she didn't like the gears overlapping because it looked like they were attacking each other.

The green gear used to be above the red one.

Now it has its own little wall where Eli can see it easier.

Fire Breathing Dragons

I came across these Fire Breathing Dragons  a while ago figuring they would be good for Eli when he was a bit older.  After our adventure to the Renaissance Festival, I was thinking of things to do and remembered these.  Since it was the girls making them I decided to let them make whatever color dragons they would like instead of the basic green.

You start with a toilet paper tube and some acrylic paint. Paint your tube whatever color you want your dragon to be.

After it is dry you can glue on eyes and nostrils. We used pom poms for the eye sockets and nostrils along with googly eyes.  I hot glued them on.

Then you glue red streamers around the inside of the mouth for the fire!

And blow!

I had to cut my streamers pretty short for the girls to get any movement; guess they just aren't as full of hot air as I am. The shorter they are the easier they are to blow. They still had a lot of trouble, so I inserted a straw inside the tube along the top.  I taped it in, so it was sticking out a little on each side.  Now they can blow into the straw and the force of the air through the smaller tube gives them a lot of movement in the top streamer.


September 26, 2012

Apple Picking

Grandma was taking the kids apple picking, so I went along.  This particular orchard also raises its own honey.  The have a small hive set up where visitors can observe the bees. The hive is connected to a clear tube leading outside, so the bees can fly and collect nectar.


The larger queen bee in in the center of this photo; can you spot her?

Bria correctly identified the hive as being made of hexagons.
After watching the bees for a while we headed out to pick apples.  The girls quickly picked any apples they could reach from the ground.  After that we had to try new things like climbing trees and using the apple picker.
Taste testing before we started picking.

Eli was very fond of getting apples out of the bag and putting them back in.
 We had to watch to make sure he didn't put any bad ones in there!
 He was also a big fan of eating them! Or at least taking a few bites.

Once we were finished we had picked a bushel of good apples for the bags and probably another bushel of apples the birds or worms had gotten to.  The owner had kindly left a little wagon for us to use to bring them back.
Bria pulling one 1/2 bushel over to get the second bag.

What a load!
Overall I think it was a successful trip!

Bria spelling apples while Grandma was checking out.